Our story

We aren't your stereotypical, online "dot-com" company. We are an enthusiast owned automotive upholstery company with a brick and mortar location in Oklahoma City. Our passion is our customers. You are the reason why we do what we do. When customizing a Jeep we have found that its easy to find epic lift kits or suspension mods, but when it comes to your interior, most aftermarket covers are cheap and end up being slip-on style. Not many people do it right. Our goal has always been finding the perfect solution to that problem. That’s why we have gone out and found the highest grade automotive cow hide leather and matching vinyls and tested them for durability, strength, as well as comfort to make our complete replacement upholstery kits. We believe that combining the right materials with the skill, passion, and experience of our team is critical to providing you with the best custom interior at an affordable cost. Its pretty simple really, our story is one that is written by every individual customer one custom interior at a time.

Our team

eric paysnoe

Owner, CEO, Head of LS Prime Dept.

tim broberg

Sales Manager, Interior Specialist
1-866-639-7328 Ext. 107

mark gibson

Creative Content Director



8320 S. Shields Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73149