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Seat Heater/Cooler Unit (1 Unit Per Seat)

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Looking for an all in one seat heater and cooling unit for your vehicle? Our Seat Heating/Cooling units provide both heated and cooled blown air through the upholstery on your seats to give you a comfortable ride all year round! Each unit provides both a heating and cooling function all in one bases off of the electrical current fed to it. These ThermoElectric Devices can be installed in any vehicle with a 12-volt source. All units come with a OEM style rocker switch that control all six settings: High, Med, and Low for both the heater and the cooler. These switches can be easily installed in most locations and include a hole cutting template so you can get a perfect hole on the first try. Each Heater/Cooler unit is designed for one seat so if you would like to have both your front seats to have seat heater/cooled units then you will need to purchase two kits. For any questions or comments about this product please give us a call or email us at

NOTICE: These units REQUIRE both PERFORATION and HIGH FLOW MESH FOAM to function properly. If you are purchasing this alongside our LS Upholstery Kit please order at the same time to ensure that these elements are included with the kit. Our TED units are also functional on factory upholstery as long as the material is perforated and has some form of flow foam.

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